Picnicking in Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

Jasper National Park, Alberta

By Caroline Shin
Staff Writer

Enjoy a picnic in Jasper's great outdoors.

Enjoy a picnic in Jasper's great outdoors.

The vastness of Jasper National Park invites myriad outdoors activities… such as picnicking in the Canadian Rockies! For a low-impact way of imbibing Jasper’s rich wilderness, take a hike or a drive, and then take a seat on your picnic blanket at the site of your choice.

You can use this map of Jasper National Park as a reference to the following recommended picnic sites.

Picnic Sites / Day-use Areas

Highway 16 East

Km from Jasper







Recycle Bin


Directional Map Pulloff 7.0 x x Directional Map
Overlanders Pulloff 7.7 x National Historic Marker
Palisades Picnic Site 12.5 2 x x Interpretive Display
Airport Picnic Area 14.9 19 x 1 x x Group Picnic Site Requires Booking**
Talbot Lake 30.7 1 x x Boat Launch
Disaster Point/Jasper House Pulloff 37.1 x National Historic Site Marker
Highway 16 West From Jasper
Directional Map Pulloff 0.8 x x Directional Map
Athabasca Pass Pulloff 9.3 2 x x x National Historic Site Marker
MaligneLake Road From Junction Hwy #16
Lake Annette 45 32 x x x x x Playground, Change Rooms
2.2 9 9 x x x x
Fifth Bridge 3.0 5 2 x x
Athabasca Valley Viewpoint 5.7 x Interpretive Exhibit
Maligne Canyon 6.1 5 x x Interpretive Exhibit
Medicine Lake Overflow 19.7 x x Interpretive Exhibit
Medicine Lake Viewpoint 20.2 2 x Interpretive Exhibit
Beaver Lake Picnic Area 26.5 6 6 x x
Big Bend 32.5 x x
Bruce’s Picnic Site 35.8 5 5 x x
Maligne Lake Lower Parking 41.8 8 x x
Maligne Lake Picnic Area 41.8 14 2 x Interpretive Exhibit
Malinge Lake Boat Launch 42.2 2 x x Interpretive Exhibit on Bridge
Icefields Parkway From Jasper
Directional Map Pulloff 5.8 x x Directional Map
Mile 5 Bridge 7.2 1 x x Raft Launch
Valley of the 5 Trailhead 8.8 1 x x
Wabasso Lakes Trailhead 14.0 x
David Thompson / Athabasca Pass Viewpoint ? ? ? Historic Marker
Horseshoe Lake 26.8 1 x x
Athabasca Falls 29.9 10 x x x Interpretive Exhibit
Mt Christie / Goat Lick Picnic site 40.0 5 5 x x
Buck / Osprey Trailhead 51.0 4 x x
Sunwapta Falls 53.2 5 x x
Bubbling Springs 59.2 5 5 x x
Tangle Falls 94.3 2 x x
Icefields Centre Parking 103.1 4 x x Interpretive Exhibit / Historic Marker
Toe of the Glacier 103.1 1 x Interpretive Exhibit
Wilcox Pass Trailhead x x
Highway 93A From Junction Icefields Parkway
Portal Creek 1.6 3 x x
Otto’s Cache 11.4 9 1 2 pit style x 9 1 x x
Meeting of the Waters 12.8 3 x x Interpretive Exhibit
Leach Lake 19.3 3 x x
Mt. Edith Cavell Road From Junction Hwy #93A
Mt. Edith Cavell Parking Lot 14.0 3 x x Interpretive Exhibit
Pyramid Lake Road
Project Habakuk Viewpoint 4.5 x Interpretive Exhibit
Patricia Lake 4.6 3 3 x x x
Pyramid Picnic Sites /Beach 4.9-5.2 9 9 x x x
Pyramid Island 6.4 1 x x x Interpretive Exhibit
Miette Road From Junction Hwy #16
Pocahontas Coal Mine Trail x x Interpretive Exhibit
Punchbowl Falls 1.2 x
Ashlar Viewpoint 8.3 x Interpretive Exhibit
Miette Picnic Area 17.7 9 9 x Interpretive Exhibit at Pool
Old Fort Point Road From Junction Hwy #93A
Old Fort Point 0.6 2 x x Historic Marker top of stairs
Lac Beauvert 1.5 x x

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