Awesome Family Vacations at Canadian Rockies Guest Ranches

Find your family’s dream vacation at a Canadian Rockies guest ranch

Most families are a group of people with a variety of interests, and on a Canadian Rockies vacation, they may each have an idea of what the perfect activity is. That’s where the guest ranch comes in. Canadian Rockies guest ranches offer a huge variety of family vacation activities, in one organized location, making sure everyone is happy.

Fun for the whole family on Canadian Rockies guest ranch vacations.

Fun for the whole family on Canadian Rockies guest ranch vacations.

One of our favorite family-friendly guest ranches in the Canadian Rockies is the Three Bars Guest & Cattle Ranch in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Here, kids can be kids in the wide open space of the ranch, where they can go horseback riding, catch critters and enjoy a classic s’more roasted on a campfire. And adults can be adults, enjoying activities such as some of the best golf Canada has to offer.

Three Bars works hard to make its activities programs as flexible as possible, so that everyone has a good time.

“There’s not many places where you can ride together as a family in the morning, all have lunch together, dad plays a round of golf in the afternoon, mom goes riding, and the kids go on a raft trip, and everybody’s back together for dinner, and then maybe they get together for an evening activity,” Tyler Beckly, whose family has run the Three Bars Guest Ranch for three generations.

“What’s unique about our program is that we allow people to do everything as a family,” says Tyler. “Go on family rides, hike together and river raft together. The kids are welcome to join a riding program while the adults choose another activity, or an adult-only ride. We are small so that we can allow for custom vacations.”

Rather than having a rigid set of kids programs predetermined for them, kids on Three Bars Guest Ranch basically build their own program.

“Usually on Monday the families ride together, and the kids stick with their parents,” Tyler says. “By Tuesday the kids have ditched their parents and are off doing things together.”

Typically several families will be vacationing at Three Bars at any given time, so Beckly notes there’s usually groups of kids around the same age. Because only guests staying in the Three Bars cabins can take advantage of their activities programs, the kids tend to mix and mingle and make new friends. It’s like summer camp for the whole family.

Kids must be at least 6 to participate in riding and activities programs, but they’re are welcome at the ranch. There’s an outside play area and petting zoo for them to enjoy feeding sheep and goats and gathering eggs. Three Bars wranglers can lead them around the arena on horseback, with a parent beside to make them comfortable.

Visit the Three Bars site, or call them at (877)-426-5230 and be sure to check out their guest ranch specialty weeks.

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