Hiking in Jasper, Alberta – The Best Trails in Canada’s Top Rated National Park

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  • Hiking Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls in Jasper National Park

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—Hiking in Jasper National Park exposes tourists to a variety of natural beauties, but if you’re seeking waterfalls, the Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls hike is the trail to take. Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls takes hikers through a narrow canyon complete with eight waterfalls in less than two kilometers. Vital Numbers for Beauty […]

  • Hiking Edith Cavell Meadow in Jasper National Park

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—The Cavell Meadows hike is one of vacationers’ most preferred trails in Jasper National Park. Featuring floral meadows, huge glaciers and towering cliffs, Edith Cavell Meadows showcases a variety of natural wonders for which the Canadian Rockies have always been known. Vital Numbers for Edith Cavell Meadow—Jasper, Alberta Hiking Distance: It is about 8.5 […]

  • Hiking Disaster Point in Jasper, Alberta

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—The cliffs of Jasper National Park are accessible to you if you choose to hike Disaster Point trail. Located about 40 km east of Jasper, the trail allows hikers to traverse low cliffs and explore an animal-lick area. Vital Numbers for Disaster Point—Jasper National Park Hiking Distance: It is about 3 km to the […]

  • Hiking Lake Edith in Jasper, Alberta

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—Tourists looking for a quieter hiking trail in Jasper National Park may be best suited by visiting Lake Edith, a short loop trail just outside of Jasper, Alberta. The Lake Edith trail is a relaxing journey for beginning hikers or families, devoid of some of the high traffic found in other trails in the […]

  • Hiking Around Lake Annette in Jasper National Park

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—Families visiting the Canadian Rockies ought to add a hike around Lake Annette to their list of things to do in Jasper National Park. Lake Annette is known for its warm beach during the summer months as well as a scenic lakeshore hike that’s simple enough for tourists of all ages. Getting to Lake […]

  • Hiking Lac Beauvert in Jasper National Park

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—Lac Beauvert offers some of the most stunning natural colors in Jasper, Alberta, with beautiful multicolored waters resting beside Jasper Park Lodge. And not only is the hike beautiful, it’s relatively short—perfect for newbie hikers or seasoned experts looking for a relaxing jaunt through the Canadian Rockies. Vital Numbers for Lac Beauvert—Jasper, Alberta Hiking […]

  • Hiking the Old Fort Point Loop in Jasper, Alberta

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—Hikers looking for a big challenge in a short amount of time should check out the Old Fort Point loop in Jasper National Park. Old Fort Point is a short, small-summit hike that contains some fairly steep grades. Hikers that meet the challenge will be rewarded with some great panoramic lookouts of the Canadian […]

  • Hiking the Overlander Trail in Jasper, Alberta

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—Visitors to Jasper National Park can experience both quality hiking and a dose of history by choosing the Overlander trail in the Maligne Canyon. The hike has been used by early Jasper visitors as early as 1862, when the Overlanders hiked the trail. Vital Numbers for the Overlander Trail of the Canadian Rockies Hiking […]

  • Hiking the Opal Hills Trail in Jasper, Alberta

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—The Opal Hills trail in Jasper National Park boasts some of the most beautiful wildflowers in the Canadian Rockies. A loop trail leading to a lofty vantage point of Maligne Lake, the Opal Hills trailhead is attainable by following the Maligne Lake Road and parking at the first parking area on the left, at […]

  • Hiking the Bald Hills Trail in Jasper, Alberta

    JASPER, ALBERTA—Canada—Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is reachable by several impressive hiking trails, but the Bald Hills hike boasts the best panoramas. Located a little more than 40 kilometers from Jasper itself, the Bald Hills trailhead can be found in the farthest lot at the very end of the paved road. Some Vital Numbers […]

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