Skateboarding in Jasper, Alberta

Skateboarding is not a crime in Jasper, Alberta. In fact, it’s encouraged. For those born to skate, Jasper offers up a couple of options, the best probably being the free skate park close to the Jasper Aquatic Centre.

The park was completed due in large part to the Jasper Skate Association’s fund raising efforts and is open to rippers that range from skateboarders to BMXer. The park boasts features that include kink and adjustable round rails, and a 90 degree hip quarter pipe.

The park is far from the only option available to skaters in the Rocky Mountain paradise of Jsper, however. The town is a picturesque spot for street skating and for a place ith a pretty small population, has thriving community of skaters.

Longboarding has een making inroads into Japser in recent years. Check out this video of a goup of long boarders taking advantage of the long roads near Miette Hot Srings.


Although the roads are icy most of the year, when summer does come the long stretches of asphalt are perfect for picking up speed and carving.

In addition to the great bike and snowboard shops in town Senate Skate Shop is worth checking out for gear.

All-in-all, Jasper might not have the number of spots to skate that Banff does, but the spots it does have a great.

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