Top 5 Must-Do’s in Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

Jasper National Park, Alberta

You can enjoy the treasures of Jasper National Park all year-round in the Canadian Rocky Mountain, be it Summer/Spring or Winter/Fall. To help narrow your choices for optimizing your time at Jasper, we have listed the Top 5 Must-Do’s for specific durations and seasons. Whether you are crunched for time or you have all day, we have suggestions to savor your stay.

Maps: Please refer to these maps of Jasper National Park and Jasper townsite for your orientation.



1. Hike the 2.4 km Lake Annette Loop, designed for visitors with disabilities and enjoyed by everyone. Take a seat on the many benches to take in peaceful mountain and lake views.

2. For the more adventurous, rent a mountain bike and whizz through Lake Annette Look

3. Drive the “Old Highway 93,” a few kilometers south of Jasper, and take in gorgeous views of the Athabasca Valley and the Maligne Range.

4. Stroll through Jasper. Grab an ice cream cone and drink in the views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

5. Go for a picnic! Grab a blanket, some take-away lunch, and head along Highway 16 West for a sweet pulloff spot less than a kilometer from Jasper.


1. Hike Old Fort Point Loop. Located 1.6 km from town, it is a fairly short and simple trail with interesting geological features and excellent views of Jasper National Park and the Canadian Rockies.

2. Take a side trip to Maligne Lake, located 5 km east of Jasper. At Maligne Canyon, you’ll find hiking trails for people of all levels and time constraints. Make sure you bring your camera!

3. If you want to be more in touch with the nature surrounding Maligne Lake, rent a canoe for an hour or so.

4. Hike Mount Edith Cavell, located 5.2 km (3.2 mi) south of Jasper. One of the most historic sites in Jasper National Park and the Canadian Rockies, it offers great hiking and sight seeing opportunities.

5. Mountain bike along Patricia Lake Circle, an easy trail with moderate hills along a route of 4.6 km return (2-3 hours).


1. Check out Jasper Peak Attraction, the Jasper Tramway, for an aerial view of Jasper and Athabasca Valley. You get an unforgettable view of the Athabasca Valley and Jasper National Park. Two tram cars take visitors to a terrifying height of 2277 meters in less than 8 minutes. Once again, there are hikes available if you feel the energy.

2. Visit Maligne Canyon, walk the six bridges admire the stunning limestone gorges and waterfalls.

3. Grab your bike and cruise Jasper’s Maligne Canyon on your mountain bike.

4. Watch Jasper’s wildlife. You have excellent opportunities to see elk, sheep, bears, deer and other animals along the Yellowhead Highway 16.

5. For a rush of adrenaline, go mountain climbing at Mount Wilcox and Sunwapta Peak, scrambling peaks in the Park with non-maintained climber-worn trails to their summits, both located at the south end of the Park.


1. Drive along the Columbia Icefields to Jasper, total distance of 103 kilometres (64 miles) and travel time of 1.5 hours, passing the Tangle Falls, Sunwapta Falls and the Athabasca Falls.

2. Try cliff diving. Head to Horseshoe Lake on the Ice Parkway for some adrenaline pumping fun!

3. From mild to wild, try whitewater rafting or a river float trip with Maligne Rafting Adventures, Jasper’s premier rafting company offering more rivers, more trips and more variety than any other company in the area.

4. Enjoy the scenic drive to Mount Edith Cavell and hike the easy path to the bottom of Angel Glacier or hike to the meadows and for a bird’s eye view of Angel Glacier.

5. Soothe away your stress at Miette Hotsprings between May and October. The drive is stunning, winding up through the spectacular Fiddle Valley to the hottest mineral springs in the Rockies..


5. Jasper National Park has the only sand dunes in all of the Canadian Rockies. The dunes were formed at the edge of Jasper Lake, a wide, shallow section of the Athabasca River beside the Yellowhead Highway.

Guided Fishing:

Go backpacking through Jasper’s backcountry.


GPS Tours: Canadian Rockies sight seeing and driving tours have been revolutionized for the independent traveler in Western Canada with the introduction of new GyPSy Guide. The famous Icefields Parkway drive becomes even more interesting with a guide to point out things you may miss on your own. Bulich says, “With more than 1000 commentary trigger points.

Rafting: Whether it’s a gentle float in an oar powered raft or a plunge down a roaring whitewater river in a paddle raft,

Top 5 Must Do’s: WINTER/FALL in JASPER

ONE HOUR in Jasper

1. Stay warm! Hit up a café in Jasper and enjoy the wintry views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

2. Hike Cottonwood Creek/Pyramid Lake loop of the Pyramid Bench overlooking the town of Jasper.

3. Go for a scenic drive.  Wildlife watching.


TWO HOURS in Jasper

1. Cross Country Skiing – enjoy Jasper’s wonderful winter nature as you glide along track-set trails, whether you’re a beginner or experienced skier, give it a try! (

2. Ice Skating at Pyramid Lake or Lac Beauvert.

3. Hike the Cottonwood Creek Loop or the Old Fort Point/Athabasca River trail. (Check the Information Centre for conditions and trail advisories).

4. Dine at the Fiddle River Seafood Restaurant for a delicious array of seafood dishes.


1. Cross Country Skiing – enjoy Jasper’s wonderful winter nature as you glide along track-set trails, whether you’re a beginner or experienced skier, give it a try! (

Maligne Valley / Wildlife Search – Come and enjoy the beauty of the Maligne Valley in Winter. Enjoy a short walk around the top of Maligne Canyon, then a scenic drive up the valley past the mysterious disappearing Medicine Lake to Maligne Lake. The wildlife in winter can include moose, caribou, bull elk, big horn sheep, wolves, coyotes and more!

HALF-Day in Jasper

1. Ice Climbing: hot-spots for ice climbs include Maligne Canyon and the famous “Weeping Wall” on the Icefields Parkway south of Saskatchewan River Crossing.

2. Downhill skiing at Marmot Basin. Only 20 minutes from the town of Jasper, Marmot Basin offers 3,000 vertical feet of superb skiing and snowboarding. (

3. Maligne Canyon Icewalk where you actually walk on the frozen floor of the canyon, stopping for photos of the Queen of Maligne and Angel Icefalls. You can try it during the day or in the moonlight. Definitely a unique Jasper experience.

Try snowshoeing with either a guided adventure or on your own. Enjoy areas of Jasper National Park that can only be found with snowshoes on.

Guided Hiking:


1. Downhill skiing at Marmot Basin. Only 20 minutes from the town of Jasper, Marmot Basin offers 3,000 vertical feet of superb skiing and snowboarding. (


Enjoy a guided scenic drive down the Icefields Parkway with scenic stops of interest. See Lake Louise before continuing to Banff and then enjoy 2 hour stopover in Banff before returning back to Jasper.
Backpacking: (


GPS Tours:

3. Visit Athabasca Falls

4. Picnic?

5. Shop till you drop at Jasper’s charming stores.

Rent a Canoe at Maligne Lake:

Horseback Riding:

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